• Category:Development, Brand Identity, Algorithms, UI/UX Design, B2B2C
  • Tech Used:Next.js (React), Tailwind CSS, Firebase, Vercel, Figma
  • Role:C.T.O. and Co-Founder
  • Date:May 2023 - Ongoing

C.T.O. and Co-Founder at Keybrain

Born in Treviso and pre-accelerated by H-Farm, KeyBrain is a cutting-edge startup dedicated to creating customised programmes to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing in organisations. In an era where psychological wellbeing is crucial, the startup is committed to providing tailored solutions that transform the way companies, private clinics and sports organisations address their members mental health challenges for the better.

Their philosophy is guided by the belief that every individual deserves to feel supported and inspired in their personal and professional growth. Combining psychological expertise with technological innovation, KeyBrain offers an innovative web platform to promote resilience, emotional awareness and the achievement of the individual full potential. Their team is composed of psychology experts and industry professionals, united by a passion to create a positive impact on people's lives. It works closely with its clients to understand their specific needs and offer customised solutions that bring tangible and lasting results.

What happened, what did I do?!

Collaborating closely with psychologists, I spearheaded the development of the algorithm and built from the ground, alone, the web platform. Drawing upon my expertise in UI/UX design, I ensured that the user experience was intuitive and effective, resulting in a seamless interface that enhances engagement and usability. Not to mention the creation of the website to showcase our work, where I also developed the entire brand identity of the company, including color scheme, logotype, and so more.

Our Story right now

At the moment, we are immersed in the testing phase with various companies, refining our solutions to meet their unique requirements and deliver optimal outcomes. Concurrently, we are actively seeking investors who share our vision and passion for revolutionising mental health support in organisations. With their support, we aim to scale our operations and extend our reach to empower more individuals and organisations with our innovative platform.