Who tf is Mario Carcota?!


Years of Experience

At 19, with over 6 years of experience, I've cultivated a depth of knowledge and creativity that drives innovation in every endeavor, and a unique perspective to every project.


(No shitty) Projects

Each one of these projects is meticulously designed to make a real impact. My portfolio embodies innovation and effectiveness, ensuring nothing short of excellence.


Happy Customers

At only 19, I've had the privilege of helping more than 70 satisfied clients, each project a testament to my dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering results that surpass expectations.


Passionate About Creating Innovative Ways to Work

I Love What I Do, but no more than Travelling

It merges my passion for programming and design with the opportunity to catalyze business growth. Creating innovative solutions to boost efficiency excites me, as it allows me to make a tangible difference in how companies and individuals operate and succeed.

Why You Need To Work With Me, and secure the bag

With a unique blend of programming powers, design finesse, and a relentless drive for efficiency, I bring more than just skills to the table. My commitment to delivering exceptional results ensures that partnering with me isn't just a choice; it's a strategic investment in the success and growth of your business and yourself.

My Biggest Achievements

(Based on my totally brutal opinion of life)

  • 2024

    Directed alone a Short Film/Music Video with @DavidVinci

    With the singer @DavidVinci I planned, directed, filmed, and edited his debut Short Film/Music Video, capturing the essence of a sad story in a captivating visual narrative.

  • 2023

    Spoke at #FutureShots23 / a major public event

    At #FutureShots23 event, held by H-FARM, I captivated the audience with my talk on my startups and shaping the future of burn-out and mental care in organizations.

  • 2022

    Got the role of C.T.O. in a Med/Tech StartUp

    Secured the role of C.T.O. at KeyBrain, a pioneering Med/Tech Startup dedicated to enhancing mental health and fight burnout in organizations, signaling a pivotal moment in my career journey.

  • 2021

    Created a cute daily poetry app

    Launched my first user app, a charming daily poetry app, where the feedback received sparked a profound realization about the endless possibilities and impact of programming.