• Category:Development, Algorithms, UI/UX Design, B2C
  • Tech Used:Next.js (React), Tailwind CSS, Firebase, Vercel, Figma
  • Role:Web Engineer & UI/UX Designer All done alone ;)
  • Client:Walter Klinkon
  • Date:January 2024

Web App & Algorithm / Comecomunichi.it

1 Test, 1000 Solutions: Perfect your communication with 'comecomunichi'. This innovative tool offers you the opportunity to receive immediate and personalized feedback to improve your communication style. Whether you need to present a project, negotiate a contract, or simply converse with colleagues and friends, 'comecomunichi' helps you communicate with clarity and confidence in every situation, improving every aspect of your style.

A Personalized Solution for You, where by taking a rapid test, the algorithm will carefully analyze your communication style and immediately deliver detailed feedback on your weaker areas. Through this personalized feedback, you can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to communicate more effectively and convincingly, and with comecomunichi materials and 1to1 meetings with specialist in the communication field you can really up your game big times.

Discover How!

The test not only provides you with a clear overview of your communication skills, but also helps you understand the reason for any shortcomings. Through accurate assessment, you will discover areas where you can grow and improve, enabling you to develop a more effective and professional communication approach.

How did I make it happen?!

Through collaborative efforts with a marketing & communication specialist, I developed an advanced algorithm that provides instant feedback on communication flaws. Created even a website to sell it ot public users and the web app where users gain access to curated content for improvement on your communication skills and personalized 1-to-1 meetings with marketing & communication specialists, combining technology and human expertise for effective communication enhancement on the individual person for a really small price compering it to other services like this online.